Conversation Pit

Lower your living room to create a conversation pit. **I don't like the stairs for this but like just a couple shallow stairs. I have always wanted a sunken living-room, I think I would wasn't it to have more space than this one.

THough it misses the mark for me in many ways, I like the idea of the boulders incorporated into the tub.  CS

15 banheiras criativas para sua casa

rock bath tub- I love everything about it except the rail. nice for outdoors maybe convert into a jacuzzi

reaproveitar moedas decoração faça você mesmo reciclagem

Reaproveitar Moedas Na Decoração

Interesting and stunning Penny wall! Penny's applied to MDF while lying flat. Then covered with bar top epoxy for the gorgeous "underwater" effect. One wall in dinning room to accent rhetorically penny backlash in kitchen

Sugestões que farão a diferença no seu dia a dia.

34 Ideias relativamente simples para deixar sua casa incrível

outlet for flat screen tv- note to self . when building a house use recessed outlets so the furniture can fit flat against the wall and there are no messy cords .

Imagine que você ganhou na Mega Sena e tem milhões para gastar. Aqui está uma lista de ideias.

yeah so i wake up, roll out of bed, go into my closet, and slide down into the indoor pool every morning. you don't have a waterslide in your closet? This is soooo my dream

Moving Colour Tiles- black at room temperature and move through the color spectrum when temperature is applied.

bath /// northern lights tile + tiles appear black at room temp, but move through the color spectrum when the temperature changes

Decoração do Sonhos - 33 Espaços Incríveis-banheira-transparente

Decoração do Sonhos, 33 espaços incríveis

Most Amazing Dream Home Ideas photo Kerli's photos - Buzznet Awesome! Never thought of a see-through bathtub

#Awesome room decor for Teens and Tweens

To make your room more attractive, embellish your walls with eye-catching murals, wallpapers, posters and wall decals.

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These turn the idea of a walk-in closet into a fabulous dressing room. For some, the closet has become its own room and entity. Who would not love getting dressed every morning in a closet fit for a king & queen?

Escalada sem cordas

Funny pictures about Swimming pool climbing wall. Oh, and cool pics about Swimming pool climbing wall. Also, Swimming pool climbing wall photos.

Sunken Living Room?

dreaming… sunken couch and huge floor to ceiling windows, whats not to love? (although I think there is too much "stuff" around the window area).

Awesome! Maybe not the sand idea, might get a little messy, but I like the concept of it!

Awesome house ideas…

Awesome house ideas…So cool lol I love the fish tank and hanging chairs! The sands gotta b messy but maybe outside under a patio table during summer!

Oh m goodness!! This is awesomely cool! ha

Roll it Experimental Housing in Germany! Isn't that so cool! I have two nice spots to sit and a cool built in desk! I WOULD WANT THAT . I really want this , the other thing that I can say is WOW and AMAZING

This would be awesome to have

RuPaul Wayfarer Sunglasses

Trampolín, de la cama a la piscina! So many cool things in one place! I want the bedroom!