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So romantic! Tent in the the forest with basic wooden structure makes a beautiful bedroom.

I hate the word "Glamping", can someone think of a better term for this? HOWEVER, these tents look like the ones from the Triwizard Tournament in HP so I need to do this.

someday we'll have this setup ready to go in our camping trailer so that all we'll have to do is get home, fill up the coolers, hitch it up to the truck and take off for the weekend.

Glamping! I think this is the only way I could handle the outdoors.

Living off the grid. Or just a peaceful spot on the backside of a big property!

Glamping verb \’gl-amping\ 1 : To make or occupy camp adorned with gorgeous decorative elements not typically found outside. 2 : To glamp; to temporarily lodge in an over-the-top, gorgeous set up.

Camping was just more FUN than a body could stand (I can smell the pines on the cool mountain air... ahhhh). I now have more of an appreciation of how much work mom did to make this fun for dad and us kids.

Using our dutch oven we made our dinner but it had to simmer. In the mean time we got out our roasting sticks and did a few marshmallows over the fire.