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Sebby smiles softly as he tips his head at you listening to you passionately talk about acting. When the interview is over and you are both alone he grabs you and kisses you happily. "What was that for?" You ask. "i just love you so much." He says brushing his hand across your delightfully rounded belly. "I cant wait to see Sebastian Jr."Sebby adds kissing you again.

Quotes Of The Day - 12 Pics

You changed my life...You truly did, and I will always love you because you did. Now, it's time to change your life before it's too late for our children...You need the proper therapy...

What is he even doing with his face!? oh, newt...

I seriously almost dropped my phone! I really don't think I could've handled something like that <--- Me too, I fell of the chair I WAS sitting on! But guys, what if... NOOOOOO! IF THEY EVEN THINK OF DOING THAT!!! I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW WHAT I WOULD'VE DONE!!!!!

Yeah lol I could imagine this!!! And Dan's reaction: PHIL WTF DID YOU DO THAT FOR!!!

from Skinny Ms.

Total Body Transformation

It takes one day to decide that you are enough. #healthy #fitfluential #fitness

What I would give to be in that other life. I imagine it all the time. What we could and hopefully will be is what I think about, I picture you with me whatever I an doing.

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