Free printable book of Christ! For the kids' Easter baskets.

Wow! This gal has come up with some beautiful printable church quiet books using the LDS photo art kit. Just send JPEG files to place like Costco to print and insert pages in a book of photo pockets you can pick up at the Dollar Store.

free printable prayer cards to teach children to pray

Lehi's Dream Lesson Idea with free printables.

The entire Book of Mormon broken down into mini lessons to share with your family. Amazing!

This is a print your own book about the history of the Bible and the importance of the Book of Mormon. So clearly explained and easy to understand! It teaches about the Apostasy, Reformation, important men in the Bible's history, Joseph Smith… and tons more!

Who needs a full on quiet book when you can have these cute felt games. There are 11 cute indivual games. Great felt busy bag ideas.

No-Sew Quiet Book for Church

Cute quiet books for church; great articles of faith baptism gift?

Another pinner said: Church quiet book ideas. Good geography lesson, too!

Have fun coloring scenes and people from the early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Download a free PDF of this coloring book that you can print and color!

Gospel ABCs Book... free download!

Book of Mormon characters: pictures and bios. Perfect for a quiet book during church!

Jesus the Christ - a family study project to bring everyone closer to Christ. Read the book in a year with FHE discussions each month. #LDS #FHE #family

Book of Mormon summary in 15 verses. One from each book....beautifully done

Free Apps for General Conference: Bingo, Temple Match, General Conference Review Games, and the Ensign

All the Book of Mormon stories (summaries) in chronological order.

Free quiet books printables--great to print at Costco and put in dollar store picture books.

Women in the Book of Mormon--She gives a list of all the scriptures relating to the woman and girls.

These are SUPER great! Printable Book Guides for the Book of Mormon

The CHRIST Book. It literally only takes about 5-10 minutes each night, and it is a great way to teach your children to remember Christ each day throughout this Christmas season.