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i believe in making wishes

and that's who I am. I stop making wishes all my wishes has come true to me that's enough .

I'm always there. Call me at four in the morning if you have to. I love helping people.

and that's who I am. Surprisingly most of the people in my life don't know that I would go the end of the world for them and back. Or that I will always be there for them.

Yes I do, all day everyday!! (:

I like to do childish things like blowing bubbles -thatsmylittlefact

loving your hair when it's perfectly straight.

I have perfectly straight hair and its blond ! I don't straighten it at all ! I hate my hair for that sometimes and sometimes I like it!

Yeppp, pretty much:))

I"d rather be behind the camera than in front of it. and thats who i am.

#thatsmylittlefact    always say sorry for something then end up saying thank you also

I don't know how many times a day I say these things! It's insane but it's a mental thing. I can't stop.

Sometimes :c

I have trouble putting thoughts in words. And That's Who I Am

@morganjovdg !!!! Meet you there tomorrow with you on the gator and I fin some way to get there ;)

Would love to have an apartment with my best friend. Nothing better then sharing a home together with my best friend. movies and late night snacks which I could share with my best friend which in turn would make this idea the best in the world.

Yeah but my stupid frickin teachers yell at me because I get a  B+. Like, really screw my school. And I'm not joking my math teacher got on and sometimes yelled at me all the time for not getting something. SUCK IT IM TRYING MY BEST.

I'm devastated with a when I get one, because that's who I am. I'm the smart girl. without good grades who am I.

Just girly things :)

While listening to music. I LOVE doing that on car rides. I could do it for a four hour ride or four minute ride. I love keeping to myself in the car.

Just girly things :)

Never wanting to get out of bed in the morning ~ just girly things ~

Just Girly Things <3 #JustGirlyThings

when someone compliment's the thing you are most insecure about: ( almost crying, whispering) I love you.

Just girly things

Being hugged by a tall guy. I'm am super tall so hardly any guys are taller than me. I finally found a guy who is and just want him to hug me!