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Daily Odd Compliment: You're the best person to hang out with because if I ask a ridiculous question like, "A hippo is chasing you, what do you do?" You'll say something like, "How big is the hippo?" And that shows that you're taking the question seriously and I appreciate that.

"I am so glad you get my sense of humor. Because I think I'm funny, but you make it official."

Daily Odd Compliment: "You know that one friend in horror movies, who is like, 'Hey, here's a dumb idea: lets split up and not be safe.'? That friend is an idiot. You are not that friend." LOL!

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This is basically a really strange way if saying: you're on my mind every second, of every minute, of every day, because I love you.

Hahahahaha I laughed so hard at this!!! Hahaha omagosh. This is funny!!!! I'm pretty sure this is in the back of my mind when I talk to my best friends!

Hah hah hah...oh daily odd compliment, you make me laugh.

Daily Odd Compliment... I really love these things... I love them like an absurd amount.... An absurd amount of love that is...

“Left Alone” The Twelfth Doctor requests that you view these fragments of time and space from my personal archives.

When I'm with you, every weather is cuddling weather. Unless it's too hot. Because sweaty bodies are gross bodies, and I just want to be left alone at that point.

i feel like this is something that Onike Archer R. would say...