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She watched the rain fall softly on the earth, cleansing, healing, restoring, bringing beauty. And slowly, her heart started to heal too and became whole again.

Nothing like staying in on a rainy fall day

Rainy Path - French: "Chemin de Pluie" Tranqil background for your computer or mobile device.

musabenedetta: darkerangels: iyoupapa:On the bridge (via Raoul Pop) (c) 2007 Raoul Pop under CC-BY-NC license.

Toda la felicidad del universo concentrada en un instante, en unas manitas, en un abrazo...

Rainy days... New Coffee Social net.. Join For Free:

There are those special colors that can only be heard, splashing their many shades with a few simple words. They dive into the heart and paint a portrait grand, for peace, love, and hope born in the soul of man. Tragic are the deaf ears and blind eyes can never see what it is we were truly meant to be. Let us touch this whispered breath, wrap our soul around these thoughts, and finally obtain the freedom we have sought. J. Freeman

Autumn Rain. Favorite Season! by overcomer.kyong

"Jack Be nimble............,Jack Be Quick .....Jack Be O` Lantern!!!" Lol!