One of the only quotes I have for Gale.

For the Hunger Games Fangirl...(Hunger Games Inspired Real Or Not Real A by chasingatstarlight, $19.95)

And then there was Gale.

Don't let them take you from me <3


Love him <3


Ok so let me start this board out with my absolute favorite book/ movie:The Hunger Games. Here's some quotes from the book.

loving this. 11x14in Hunger Games Quote Illustration by unraveleddesign on Etsy, $35.00


Gale in Mockingjay!

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Favorite The Hunger Games Quotes.

Favorite The Hunger Games Quotes.

I love this. Notice how, while everyone is looking at Peeta on the screen, Gale is looking at Katniss? So cool.

Go Gale

~Katniss, Mockingjay


Gale Watches the Hunger Games by on @deviantART. This is both terrible and funny