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LIDDLE KIDDLES I had this dollhouse and I loved my dolls so much - hours and hours of play. This house has a little elevator and you can't see it but a little bed can be unsnapped and pulled down!

Liddle Kiddle Lola Liddle in Original Clothes this was one of my favorites when we played barbies

Liddle Kiddles. These are the first ones from the early 60s. I was sooooo obsessed with Kiddles. But they were all my sister's and her friends.

Liddle Kiddles were my favorite. I had Biff, the Baby, the nurse and the sailor

LOVED MY Liddle Kiddle Locket Dolls when I was a kid!!! I am re-living my childhood again with finding the whole collection & making a shadowbox with them. Love to look at them & remember how jealous my sister got because I had them & she did not. But, being the wonderful & nice sister I am (giggle), I also got her her own set as a surprise last year!

My favorite: So hard to get that little sleeper back on! Retro Liddle Kiddles LIDDLE Baby Kiddle

Liddle Red Riding Hiddle and Alice in Wonderliddle. Alice was one of my favorite dolls! I still have her and the white rabbit!

I remember little Kiddles-They were my favorite toys! I even had a little Helicopter/Car that the top blade went around when you pushed it! I think it was orange & yellow!

Calamity Jiddle (Yay, Liddle Kiddles!)

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