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    #love #couple

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    Love. Inspiration. Romantic Moments. Passion. Romance. #love #inspiration #couple #passion #romantic #romance

    So true.. Even though me and my husband have two little rascals on between us.. We still manage to touch each other's feet.. That's our way of "cuddling" ❤️

    Love. Inspiration. Romantic Moments. Passion. Romance. #love #inspiration #couple #passion #romantic #romance

    lazy mornings, lingering in bed. simply the best.

    Good morning Bäer. Why are we not in this photo? This should be us! I love you . I am thinking of you and missing you very much. Enjoy your day today. ❤️:-ø-:❤️

    Elderly Romance

    ZsaZsa Bellagio: I wanna kiss those lips...

    Morning after picture while the couple is still in bed all snuggled up under the covers! So sweet! <3

    A Marmie Life: Gift Ideas for Womanly Things: *coming from the girl who wanted an over-the-door ironing board at age 9

    Waking up next to him that morning was no different than any of the other times I'd woken up to him at first glance. Except this morning I was both mentally and physically bare and this time when I saw his eyes stare into mine he didn't look at me like I was delicate or someone that needed saving. He looked at me like an equal. An equal in love and in lust and everything. He looked at me like I was everything.

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    Beautiful early morning shot - I love the mix of different color lights, the blue on the table and the sun coming from the window. Also, the smoke adds so much to the scene and then of course that lens flare! So gorgeous!!

    i cant wait till this is all my mornings consist of♥


    -LOVE!!! if you don't mind me snoring in your ear all night... plus i'll prob have to amputate my arm in the morning... due to lack of circulation!! LOLOLOL -as far as your snoring goes, I'll be the one to fall asleep first so I prob won't hear it. YOU'LL be the one having a hard time sleeping bc of MY snoring....allegedly. *eye roll.

    This brings back memories of a time gone by; the simple beauty of smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee while watching the sun melt into the waters on the horizon standing next to someone very dear. Those days I miss...