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    Who needs plain, boring salt when you can have MSG in your spice jar?

    My school!

    View from my Chengdu apartment

    Yangshuo: West Street

    Yangshuo: Li River and more rock mountains.

    Yangshuo= Giant rock mountains EVERYWHERE

    Just another day in China.

    My favorite set of Terracotta Soldiers (love the one laying down). In Xian.

    Took this photo in Xian from a moving bus. Did a pretty good job if I say so myself!

    Older Emei Shan locks. credit: Clare Eisenberg

    At the top of Emei Shan, you can buy a lock (with your name engraved), make a wish and then lock it somewhere on the mountain. If the wish comes true, you must go back to the mountain to thank the Buddha. Credit: Clare Eisenberg

    Walking up Emei Shan. Engrish is the best. Taken by: Clare Eisenberg

    Chongqing has their own "Empire State Building".

    One of the cute shop/tourist areas in Chongqing. credit: Clare Eisenberg

    Policeman directing traffic in his little circle. Chongqing, China.

    Flirting with one of the many statues part of this European looking pirate group. Chongqing, China

    Chongqing, China credit: Clare Eisenberg

    These small restaurants always had the best food. This one in particular was owned by "Noddle-Man", and he made the best beef noodles(牛肉面) and dumplings(饺子)in Chengdu.

    Chengdu did have a Hooters. Spent Thanksgiving there with friends and it was the best decision we could have made!

    This panda got stuck in the tree. He gave up moving after 2 minutes of trying. At the Panda Park in Chengdu.

    One of the many places to drink/dance in Chengdu.

    Chrysanthemum tea. 菊花茶.

    A nice, quiet place to drink tea in the Bamboo Park in Chengdu.

    Cute old man practicing his calligraphy with water in the Bamboo Park in Chengdu (next to Sichuan University).

    Hungry panda at the Panda Park in Sichuan.