Sleep Or Die: How Little Or No Sleep Will Affect You

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The #Happiness Effect #Infographic

Different stages of sleep and how your sleep is affecting your health.

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Floss or DIE

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your body is trying to tell you something

Health infographic about bananas

#Sleep #Infographic

Sitting Is Killing You

sleep infographic

The science behind vitamins

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Brain and Body. Sleep is something we all need. But many of us have sacrificed our sleep in the past to get our work done. Students do it all the time when preparing for exams. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation affects the human brain and body. Getting the right amount of sleep every night helps you keep your body healthy and sharp for longer. #infographic

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Vitamin D Deficiency Infographic

10 Daily Steps for Less Stress #infographic #Stress #health

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