woman under water

Opheliac By alberich mathews

I Forget You at Least Twice a Day By alberich mathews



Valerie Kitchin is a photographer, experimental videographer and muscian. She will be exhibiting her series of mermaid figures, in and out of water.

"Pisceans are known to be dreamy and not always in touch with reality. However, they make up for this with remarkable intuition. They can put themselves in anybody's shoes with extreme ease. On the plus side, this endows them with remarkable compassion and love. The down side with this apparent ability to break down boundaries is that these people can easily lose themselves in the suffering of others. "

Underwater photography - Nadia Moro

Maenad - in Greek mythology, maenads (Ancient Greek: μαινάδες, mainádes) were the female followers of Dionysus (Bacchus in the Roman pantheon).

Black and White Photography Weeki Wachee Spring by Toni Frissell (1907 -1988). Ze is begonnen als Fashion Fotograag voor Vogue. Later ook bekend geworden om haar foto's van de 2de Wereld Oorlog & vrouwen sport foto's. Het mooie aan deze foto vind ik de rust en tegelijkertijd het mystieke wat de foto uitstraalt.



Salomé, Paul Antoine de La Boulaye. (1849 – 1926), detail

I love the idea.. It doesn't even require a waterproof case for the camera!

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Michael David Adams - Fire in the Sky Underwater photography, it creates such pretty effects!

"The Birth Of Suburbia" | Photographer: Rosaleen Ryan, 2012 #awesome #photography

"Reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of 'beauty'"

Underwater Bird by Rafal Makiela