Paper straws!

So stoked about this! I paid way to much for my 25 yellow ones! great site for striped straws, cheap...$1.99 for 144!

pink heart mug

Straw Lips

Creative cutlery arrangement for a party or buffet. Palm leaves are forks, knives form the trunk and overturned spoons give the illusion of coconuts. Perfect for a tropical themed outdoor party! 3-25-14

Soda Fountain Style

Terrain Soda Fountain Straws

eco friendly wooden ice cream spoons

drinking fountain. I'm gonna need to throw a party now..

Inside Twisters: vintage soda fountain decor.

Polka Dot Hand Towels

Italian Soda bookclub party

cute display

Terrain Soda Fountain Straws

Hex wooden boxes by EVIE

Butterflies on straws.

perfect idea for any number! #balloons #photography #birthday #party #inspiration

Terrain Soda Fountain Straws #shopterrain

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Gourmet Candy Apple bar

Old Fashioned Soda Fountain