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(KO) He's not happy about the little red hat. Why would his family put this thing on his head? He was hoping for a cowboy hat. He's the cowboy type. This red hat is just sad!

What do you mean Mom by saying "Oh my goodness, just look at those wrinkles!"... Oh, you're looking at yourself in the mirror...I get it!

too much aaawwwwwwiiiing happening here. French Bulldog love Limited Edition French Bulldog Tee Limited Edition French Bulldog Tee

This is the type of dog I want...............I just think they would be so cuddly and sweet!

When You Adopted Me, You Promised Me a Pool.......Where's My Pool? 😠 A Losing His Patience French Bulldog Puppy.

mine has wrinkles on his butt when he stands like this lol

.I'm not sure when I'll have another dog, but I've wanted a French Bulldog for YEARS! Look at that little face-sooo precious!

Happiness here to find out more

French Bulldog / Bouledogue Français / Frenchie Limited Edition French Bulldog Tee