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Herbal Comfort Back Pac, Pain-Relieving Heating Pack | Solutions

What's best for your aches and pains - ice or heat

Whole back heat pack made from rice and old t, I have to make this for the hubby

❧ How to Make Scented Rice Microwave Heat Packs *** "By Athena Hessong, eHow Contributor". Soothe aching muscles without paying for an expensive aromatherapy heat pack. Using long-grain rice and lavender essential oil, these homemade packs can be heated in the microwave to release the scent and warm the interior. Using the packs on sore muscles can ease tension and bring relief.

The Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap - Hammacher Schlemmer

really need this!!

:3-4 drops of Dawn, 4 T. of Baking Soda, 5 T. of Vinegar, Juice of a lemon or lime. (Pour in vinegar SLOWLY!) Wipe paste onto the surfaces in the oven. Let it set for a couple of hours. Wipe out with a sponge or warm cloth.

40 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar #infographic #applecidervinegar #naturalremedies

The broom stitch without any broom! full tutorial on site!

Don't Forget Organizer

Want one!! Napper. Perfect for travelling

enchanted everyday #disneyside

The Foot hammock is useful. This is the perfect foot rest for when you're sitting at your computer desk all day!

The Picture Keeper- It searches your computer drives, identifies image files, copies them and stores them in its memory. 8G of memory = holds about 8,000 photos.

I want this!

For a life of Hurricanes:Portable power supply gives 7 hours of power for charging, plugging in, even jumping car. Also has hand crank. MUST get this.

This pink mace gun is a fully-loaded self-defense tool holding a canister of pepper spray. Bright and girly as it may be, it’s no match for predators—emitting a powerful stream of OC formula up to 20 ft in length. The trigger also activates an LED light that’ll ensure you hit your target. I WILL OWN ONE SOMEDAY.

This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

Rice heat/cold pack

Week-Long Care Package

This makes way more sense than dragging an ironing board out: Quilted ironing board with magnets for the top of the dryer! -- no more wrestling with the ironing board!