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Irish Gods and Goddesses List and Descriptions

The Horned God

Greek & Roman Gods

Greek & Roman Gods

Greek & Roman Gods

Zeus battling the giant Porphyrion | Greek vase, Athenian red figure kylix

Athena, goddess of war & wisdom | Greek vase, Athenian red figure nolan amphora

Ancient Roman Hekateion; a triple-bodied depiction of Hekate with the goddess's torch attribute. Each of the figures carries two torches, attributes of Hekate, the goddess who presided over pathways and crossroads, especially at night. Hekate was a goddess of the moon and of nocturnal sorcery, and, like Hermes, traveled to and from the underworld and earth. The three figures of the goddess also wear poloi, cylindrical headdresses often associated with female deities of rebirth.

Eos, winged goddess of the dawn | Greek vase, Athenian red figure krater

Peitho, goddess of persuasion | Greek vase, Apulian red figure loutrophoros Detail of the figure of Peitho (seductive persuasion personified). Peitho oversees Zeus' seduction of Leda in the shape of a swan. She holds a ball of twine, and a sash-carrying dove flies overhead.

Eleusinian Demeter & Plutus, Apulian red-figure loutrophoros C4th B.C., The J. Paul Getty Museum

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Greek Gods - Aphrodite 8" x 10" Print

Greek Gods Aphrodite

Terracotta statuette of a draped goddess Period: Classical Date: late 5th–4th century B.C. Culture: Greek

Goddess | Attic Terracotta figure of a goddess seated on a throne. Painted terracotta figurine; made in Athens about 500 BC. London, The British Museum

An ancient Greek statue of Athena Parthenos (Phidias); the goddess of arts and warcraft is depicted with her symbolic attributes: a shield, a helmet and a figure of the victory-goddess Nike. (National Archaeological Museum of Athens)