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In The South is there is always room to run. Fields and Fields of just grass. Where you can actually see the stars at night....

Lassen Volcanic Park, CA - A very long time ago I was blessed to work at that park and drive on that road!

I'll #ridecolorfully through this looking glass in Damme, Belgien

Road into the sunset - from the Exhibition: "Cropped for Pinterest" - photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at www.StuckInCustom... - all images Creative Commons Noncommercial

Traffic Jam at the world's most dangerous road from La Paz Bolivia across the Andean Cordillera into the Amazon lowland.

(18/12/12) Recorrió un largo camino. No sabe cómo exactamente, sólo mantuvo su enfoque y llegó a donde deseaba. Estaba cansada y feliz. #cuentuitos a:m

Lo que el verano nos dejó... Recuerdos, amigos, fotos divertidas y momentos que no volverán a repetirse. La juventud se enardece en verano, pero no por el sol, sino por las ganas de sentirse vivo!

One of the most spectacular stretches of road in the world- Atlantic Road, Norway. Amazing!

What a great walk this would be.

Aspen Road, Boulder, Colorado. I just want to hop in my car alone, in silence, and drive down this road. I'm sure it would restore my mind to calmness and clarity.

Tianmen Mountain, China by Amber Mackin