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they're in my head they just like to stay there, maybe someday I'll be brave enough to sit down and write them down.

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Glow Worm Caves In New Zealand

Visiting The Glow Worm Caves In New Zealand. This is a MUST see if you are ever travelling to New Zealand - Avenly Lane Travel

Before I die - Get every tattoo I've ever wanted - already designed 3 and am hopefully going to have 1 inked in a few weeks

I am indian what else do you need as a proof. Started doing them in middle school and now getting good at them.

Once I have graduated from University, I hope to adopt and raise a puppy. I have always wanted to be able to call a dog mine and get the opportunity to teach it tricks and learn to behave. I also think this would be the first step in learning if I am ready to become a parent!

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High Voltage Tattoo

A thing i really wanna do before i die :P #Katvond. Katelynn & I are planning her 18th B-day trip to both get one from her or one of the guys!