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get a disney tattoo. something small though and that means something. lol.

Be a tattooed bride. I know I will not be as covered as she is, but even if I only have a small, meaningful one (such as one dedicated to my grandmother who passed away and had Alzheimer's), I would still like to be a tattooed bride.

Although this is a timely process, slowly but surely I'll get there. It's been too long since my last one...

"I love people that make me laugh. It's probably the most important thing in a person" - in French

I want a bird tattoo on my hip. That says songbird. Because that what my grandpa used to call me.

Three Rivers Tattoo Convention, TriCities WA, 2014, helped work the Modified Dolls booth

I have a new goal in life:: "You've Got Mail's" Guide To New York Jill Meyers Meyers Meyers Meyers Meyers Mynatt

This seems like a good old American thing to do... can you do this anymore? I don't even know...

Have done this many times, have drove around many times too w/ my honey while snowing, wonderful times!!!