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  • Neon Art

    MK802 Android PC-on-a-stick. This is going to be huge. VERY BIG .. now that I think of It these little raspberry mods should of been Blown up if it weren't for conrered markets.

  • Heinrich Sehmel

    MK802 Android Computer

  • Radu Neagoe

    Android USB Flash Drive MK802

  • Bennie Leonard

    Very cool tiny Android PC!

  • Kukudrulu Canal

    MK802: La Android PC que cabe en un USB stick de $74

  • Syl Mulder

    MK802: the $74 Android PC-on-a-stick that gives the $200 Cotton Candy some competition

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Check out this innovative USB. The memory concept allows to break your USB stick into compartments, allowing you to store different data on each. Files on the device can easily sorted due to the category based partitions.

The Measy U2C is a new dual core Rockchip RK3066 based Android stick that has built in Bluetooth, a 2 megapixel camera and microphone. There is optional docking station for the Measy U2C that functions as a holder for the U2C so that you can easily position the camera. The dock also adds 3 additional USB ports, an SD card slot and a power switch.

The HiMedia Q5 Android media player is an Android OS based set top box and media player. It comes with the proprietary HiControl app that turns any Android phone or tablet into a keyboard, remote control or touch pad controller for the HiMedia Q5. The HiControl app even mirrors the display on the TV and lets you use your phone as an accelerator / G-sensor controller for Android games.

USB Stick Leather Bracelet // Always wear your memories with you!

The Elphi smart plug can be used to monitor and control all of the things you plug into the wall. Use it to turn on the espresso machine on the way back from work, for turning on heaters and lights. Genius!

Android users, there is a new product that will be hitting the market next year, that works in your rear view mirror.

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Whaaa?? I must have this. JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick

Portable Wifi Hotspot Devices are quite cheap devices, you can easily use them to share your Internet Connection with iPhone, Android devices or Computer.

The Samsung HomeSync allows family members to easily share and sync content from their personal devices with other family members. They can also use the HomeSync to store private content that is encrypted and password protected for secure storage. It comes with 1 TB storage and it runs on Android. It can be used like a normal Android device and run apps from the Google Play Store.

ChargeCard for iPhone and Android by Noah Dentzel + Adam Miller, via Kickstarter.

The world's smallest computer. This changes everything.