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I really think people need to remember this... Everyone is so concerned with their own problems... They never remember others go thru things too

Here's a thought. Maybe if you stop looking at your damn phone all the time, more of those kinds of people would want to spend time with you. Just saying.

Nothing ever stays the same, not the good, not the bad... life is constantly changing, even if you don't realize it at the time.

Add a Pinchfrom Add a Pinch

You are a genius

Love this quote!

This is really true for me. I felt like giving up with my ex boyfriend, figuring that nothing was going to happen. Low and behold he and I are talking again. Just when I felt like giving up, things changed between us for the better

Spotts in the Valley of the Sunfrom Spotts in the Valley of the Sun

Oh Be Careful How You Speak

So important to remember.