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if only people thought of this before having sex, and then acting surprised when they get pregnant

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Become a Happier Healthier Mom

In the end I am the only one who can give my children a happy mother who loves life

This is so true! Some people shouldnt be parents either cause they use there children and there so damn immature its not even funny. Its funny how those people could use "your family" for money and things when they needed it. Thats ok one day they will need others and there wont be no one there for them. I feel bad there kids have to suffer with parents like them!

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'A Child's Laugh' Box Sign

Love this 'A Child's Laugh' Box Sign on #zulily! #zulilyfinds....I still love to hear my son laugh!!!

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Be kind because you never know who you will hurt or how you may hurt them.

"What is best for the child is not always what is most convenient for the parent." - Bonnie Bedford

My child is my everything, so I will give anything, and stop at nothing. You will not destroy them with your toxic life.

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Majeski Law, LLC

Children do not care about child support, who was married to whom, or why you don't like each other. They are children, they care that their parents show-up, that when there is a Christmas recital, and they peek through the curtains – all of the people they love are there – without fighting, for the best interest of the child.

parenting is about sacrificially loving your child.. doing whats best for YOUR CHILD no matter what i costs you personally. Which also means if you dont have the means to take care of your child, which you never have had, then let the other parent take care of the child!