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this is so pretty..i love to LOOK at snow but not be IN it! :D

Greater Paris, Versailles Grand Parc district, Palace of Versailles, Versailles

Versailles, France i like this picture because it rained the day i went there too, and it makes me think of the drama of marie antoinette

Palace of Versailles. Oh how I love this landscape. I have many photos of those giant urns and stunning vistas.

Versailles...the architecture of the original block of the palace, which was the hunting lodge of King Louis XIII, is French architecture beyond compare.

Paris Chateau de Versailles Fountain and Chateau… / #paris

Le Hameau--Marie Antoinette's hamlet, a fully functioning village on the grounds of Versailles. The architect was executed during the Reign of Terror. favorite part will be incorporated into the molding in my home

Marie Antoinette's Bedroom at Versailles, I was very lucky to be in this room with my sister in law Stacey, and my beautiful nieces Kelsey and Emilie.