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These plants are popularly known as tropical pitcher plants, or monkey cups. They grow naturally in the tropical regions of Asia, predominantly Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and New Guinea.

The Pitcher

Pitcher Plants

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Malaysia Indonesia

South China




Eat Meat

Indigenous to Southeast Asia, nepenthes pitcher plants are found in the wilds of Madagascar, Malaysia, Indonesia, South China and the Philippines. You can also find these intriguing carnivorous plants in sections of both Australia and India. The shape and structure of the pitcher plant is distinctive with the pitcher cup, peristome and ribs section of the plant being its most standout feature.

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Carnivorous Pitcher

Eat Meat

Wondered Lonly

Plants Nepenthes

The Philippines

Pitcher Plants


Carnivorous Pitcher Plants Nepenthes now available in the Philippines

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Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants which trap food by means of a pitfall trap built into them through evolutionary design. They can be found in both of the Americas as well as Africa, Asia, and Australia, and usually grow in bogs, marshlands, and green houses are going to improve our value of life.

Alata Pitcher

Plant Philippines

Alien Nature

Nepenthes Alata

Eat Meat

Pitcher Plants



Carnivorous Plants

Nepenthes alata - Pitcher Plant. Philippines.

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Luzon Island

Nepenthes ventricosa. This beautiful pitcher plant is...

Vigorous Scrambling

Scrambling Habit

Philippines Malaysia

Malaysia Borneo

Habit Large

Large Leaves

Eat Meat

Plant Native


Pitcher Plant native to the Philippines, Malaysia, Borneo and Sumatra. Its has a vigorous scrambling habit, large leaves and smooth pitchers.

Nepenthes Mindanaoensis

Nepenthes Pitcher Plants


Southern Philippines

Glorious Mother

Upper Pitcher

Vegetable Kingdom

Eat Meat

Wondered Lonly

Nepenthes mindanaoensis — an upper pitcher. On Mount Legaspi, near Surigao, Mindanao region in the southern Philippines

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"Nepenthes alata" or winged pitcher plant, which is an endemic plant of Philippines. It's one of the most famous & carnivorous pitcher plants. Many people may find these harmless plants a little bit scary but I think they are quite marvelous.

Genus Nepenthes

Plants Nepenthes

Nepenthes Photo

Nepenthes Hybrid

Red Bits


Burgundy Green

Olive Green

Pale Green

Carnivore Death by seduction.. This is a carnivorous pitcher plant of the genus Nepenthes, which are found around south east asia and the indian ocean. Insects and others are lured to their death tempted by a good meal, only to become one. The pointy red bits are called 'teeth'. :)

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placer des plantes tombantes haut sur le mur le plus long -- barsanworld: “The Siam + Central Thailand | Adventures in Cooking by Eva Kosmas Flores on Flickr. ”

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