Vincent and the Doctor.

There are many reasons why I love the Doctor. This perspective is one of them.

Doctor who quote

this has to be my all time favorite Doctor who quote.

If I could figure out where, I might actually tattoo this on me for my love of Doctor Who is that great. Sorry Highlander and Buffy.

Mummy on the orient express. HE SAID THE THING

A fantastic philosophy, Doctor.

Doctor Who

Dr who

Thanks to 11, making us laugh and cry at the same time since 2010.

Dr. Who -- every girl's dream!

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Wonders. Doctor Who

One of the greatest Dr. Who episodes of all time - Vincent and The Doctor. The world would be much better off if everyone had someone to drop by and tell them they're amazing and they matter. Because everyone does. We can all use more good things.

"I have lost things you will never understand!" Rings of Akhaten. ~ Heartache! ;_;

The Doctor

One of my favorite episodes -Madame de Pompadour This might be tied for my favorite doctor who quote

Doctor Who

river song and the doctor