Next time a guy needs me to help them out.

Here is a handy infographic that shows 18 ways to tie a necktie.

"Every person should know how to tie a tie. A man because he wears them, a woman because a man will forget how ;)"

Helpful websites...

Helpful when applying essential oils

just in case you ever need to tie a perfect bow

how to tie a tie {something every girl ought to know}

Fishing knot - because I never remember knots without constant refreshers

Eldredge tie knot

74 Simple Things You Can Do to Brighten Your Spouse’s Day

How To Determine Remaining Daylight

Repinning for all those who don't know! Tie Dye techniques, I always wanted to know how to do different designs!! This site makes it super simple! yes please!

DIY Man bouquet. Perfect for those guys who are hard to buy gifts for. Great for holidays, birthdays, or just because! Father, brother, boyfriend, fiance, husband, anyone!

This should piss ocd my husband off! Tell me I don't know the proper way to lace shoes! I'm going to sneak into our closet and do all of these to his shoes! Well see how the shoe dictator likes that!

50 Coolest Gifts for Guys Under $25 | Dodo Burd

out of AA? use AAA with foil! The things you learn on pinterest... really???

I didn't know there was an actual way..