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Spray the inside of a small vase or candle holder with spray adhesive, sprinkle and shake around with glitter until the surface area of the vase is completely covered. I would recommend using the larger flakes of glitter as opposed to the very fine powdery variety – you get more impact of the shimmering flakes through the glass than you would with the latter.

A single rose in a sequin vase as seen in interiors book, Decorate. Photography: Debi Treloar.

DIY glitter vases from The Sweetest Occasion

Mod Podge + glitter + glass vase/jar = fabulosity! (from The Sweetest Occasion)

For centerpieces, maybe instead of vintage bottles. DIY glitter vases from The Sweetest Occasion

sparkle hearts for drink stirs or cupcake toppers #SauzaSparkling AAA Sss® Tequila.

I like these candle holders... empty jars, glue, glitter, tea lite inside ;)

Glitter vases - create with any glass jar! I used a small cylindrical vase and using the foam brush, applied a thin and even coat of ModPodge on the interior walls of the vase. Next up, I dumped in a generous amount of glitter and rolling the vase in my hands, tapped the sides to get the glitter to evenly coat the ModPodge.

DIY: collect fallen leaves, melt candlewax into a pan and drop the leaves in. When both sides are covered, dip them in glitter and then hang them up by ribbons to dry.

glitter shoes - what if everyone bought they're own pair of shoes and we all used the same color of glitter (thinking grayish silver). that way everyone gets something they're comfortable walking in, they still go together, and they sparkle. just an idea (:

love the glitter jar and vase idea! all you need is pledge floor cleaner finish, glitter, and a clear object then you're golden.