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Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee were a hot couple! Her mother tried to get her interested in Rock Hudson, so see mother doesn't always know best!

Sandra Dee & Bobby Darin | admired by

Sandra Dee 1942-2005 died of kidney disease. Bobby Darin 1936-1973 died of surgical complications at 37.

Bobby Darin & Sandra Dee. A definite "IT" couple of their time.

Bobby Darin & Sandra Dee. ♥ And I SO remember that 'do' - everyone had them - even for work.

Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin. Wallowing in Adorableness: ClassicForever

I love me some Sandra Dee! And look at that big, gorgeous bouquet of Lily of the Valley! Love it so much.

Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee married 1960 - 1967

Bobby Darin & Sandra Dee........Just looking at the frames of their life you would think they were happy. A very sad story of fame gone wrong. Still love Bobby Darin. Brilliant man!