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Nature and man unite.

So... am I weird for being more interested in going on this ride as it appears here rather than as it had once been?

What nature has done and what man does, and what happens when nature and man collide. In the end gravity always wins...


Nature reclaiming : )

The Borg!

yarn bombers making the most of potholes

tree drawing

The Making of Green Graffiti

AIDIA STUDIOS, MILKYWAVE 2012 : installation for beijing's design festival. 1,664 reused yogurt pots.


The German artist Cornelia Konrads creates hallucinating in situ installations in public spaces, parks and private gardens throughout the world. His work is often punctuated by the illusion of weightlessness, when stacked objects (branch, log, stone) seem to be hanging in the air, increasing the temporary nature of the facility.

Land Art by Andy Goldsworthy

Chihuly at the Bellagio.

Gravity Defying Land Art Installations by Cornelia Konrads

Halloween decoration? Khalil Chishtee created a series of life size figures using trash bags, un-used grocery bags and plastic sheets. Each figure is packed full of emotion, and act as a metaphor for the human instinct to continuously recycle our identities.

Such detail...Cut-Away Leaf Art by Lorenzo Duran


Loui Jover; Drawing, "spring" #art

Przemek Blejzyk