lovely rose tattoo

Realistic rose shoulder tattoo, very soft looking. Exactly how realistic I want my pink rose to be !

Realistic flower love the different colors used. so gorgeous. the "white" skin parts, etc. detil, veins of the petals, detail in color differences

Wow, this is a lovely rendition. Very good eye for the shading and color variation. Wow, this is a lovely rendition. Very good eye…

roses tattoos - Pesquisa Google

Portray True love via Red Rose Tattoos

red rose tattoo realistic

Work by Kyle Cotterman - Distinction Tattoo, USA

Best tattoo ever ~realistic roses tattooed by the insanely talented Kyle Wood of Woodwork Tattoo and Gallery in Poulsbo, WA   More of his artwork can be found here:

Absolutely beautiful realistic pink roses by Kyle Wood Tattoos (Woodwork Tattoo Poulsbo, WA) SO hard to find really well done PINK rose tattoos (that look THIS real!) I also really love how vivid this pink is! OH SHIT MY SIGNITURE COLOR!

Realistic Red Rose Tattoo

Realistic Red Rose Tattoo, do this inside the Oregon state lines

Butterfly & Roses Tattoo

Mandy Butterfly & Roses Temporary Tattoo

Set of Rose & Butterfly Watercolor Tattoos *** Listing is for one sheet of high quality tattoo which lasts about 2 days up to a week*** *** Tattoo sheet includes all tattoos shown in picture Wha


This rose is SO DIMENSIONAL and DETAILED, like an old photo! I know you can see the lines, but the way this is done, it just sharpens the image from a distance. And I LOOOOOOOOOVE when you can tell it's a rose from a distance.

Amazing realism by Redberry Tattoo

Amazing realism by Timur Lysenko Redberry Tattoo realism rose timurlysenkoredberry rosetattoo


Beautiful rose tattoo by matt jordan