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    La piedra puede a las tijeras, las tijeras pueden al papel, el papel puede a la piedra. ¿Puede?

    Leer la mano: A fun activity for practicing descriptions! (tiempo presente) (ser) - Activity description in blog post

    Take your students outside of the classroom to get real-world language practice... at restaurants, in parks, at museums and in markets.

    Here's a template for creating a clock foldable that helps students equate the numbers on the clock with minutes in an hour.

    Journal writing Ideas/ prompts

    This wonderful interactive package will allow your students to do an cross curricular Spanish activity. Students will be exposed to "Places around the community" vocabulary and prepositions. Have the opportunity to create their own city map. They will be provided with squares to cut pictures and using construction paper they should be able to create a map lableing avenues and use it for directions.

    Spanish Grammar - Spanish -AR Verbs and Adverbs of Frequency Questions Worksheet by Sue Summers

    Pinteresante - Pinteresante Board for Spanish Class

    Prepositions of Location Spanish Sentence Writing

    Mi Maleta ProyectThis worksheet package was designed to allow kids to interact with each other by sharing a conversation centered around their book bags. An introductory vocabulary page with 13 classroom objects will allow students to learn new words.

    Great ideas for quick critical thinking and teamwork activities!

    Utiles escolares

    Spanish Reflexive Verbs and Ordinal Numbers Skit and Translation Worksheet by Sue Summers. Spanish pair work, partner activity.



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