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Paul Wesley

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God damn you and your sexy-ness!!

Paul Wesley!! :D

Paul Wesley.... You may look like a much older and muscular Justin Beiber, but I love you anyways.

Ugh .. If I had to chose between Paul (Stefan) or Ian (Damon)... It would be Paul (Stefan).. Sexy smart cares too much.. Let's you make your own decision and backs you. No matter what.

Paul Wesley...via | KOUTURE ~ KOASTAL KIDS OF KALIFORNIA @ kalifornia-klasss...

Paul Wesley- Walking a dog... Let me just undo my pants!

Paul Wesley @Addie Knight Quasnick This is EXACTLY what Christian Grey looks like in my head. WEIRD.

Paul Wesley - (I like Damon better but Stefan is a cutie too!) - YUM

paul wesley. loving this guy now that i'm very much into the vampire diaries.