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So, did someone just get tired or did folks need to be reminded?

Bono in a candid interview about his faith and his relationship with Jesus.

Knowing God is more than knowing about Him; it is a matter of dealing with Him...and being dealt with by Him as He takes knowledge of you. Knowing about Him is a necessary precondition of trusting in Him, but the width of our knowledge about Him is no gauge of our knowledge of Him. What were we made for? To know God. What aim should we have? To know God. What is the eternal life that Jesus gives? To know God. What is the best thing in life? To know God. - J.I. Packer

From the article, 'Gospel contradictions? Why they don’t exist'

You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do. — Anne Lamott

In the Christian view, the ultimate evidence for the existence of God is Jesus Christ. If there is a God, we characters in his play have to hope that he put some information about himself in the play. But Christians believe he did more than give us information. He wrote himself into the play as the main character in history, when Jesus was born in a manger and rose from the dead.- Tim Keller

From 'Sunday Scripture - Luke 18:9-14' O God, be merciful to me, for I am a sinner.

From the article, 'God-of-the-Gaps or Best Explanation?' by Kenneth Samples of Reasons to Believe

I am gonna think about this every time cook eggs

When he (Jesus) was tempted in the desert, who was the one throwing Bible verses at him? Satan. That is a perfect picture of dead religion. Using the words of God to do the opposite of what God does. It’s grotesque when you think about it. It’s demonic.  - Eric Metaxas

From, 'Question Everything?'