90s candy. Lollipop paint shops. The dust was terrible. But I loved them.

90s candy-- was obsessed with the jawbreakers n astro pops!!

lollipop paint shop!

LifeSavers - Strawberry Créme Savers Hard Candy

Pencil Cushions! #90s

I simply could not get enough of these in the late 90s! :) #hair #accessories #butterfly #clips #retro #nostalgia #childhood #1990s

90s Candy (30 Photos)

loved these

the 90s life. Remember these....the 90s?? I made one last week!

You were a kid in the 90s if... you had at least one or more scented body glitter spray perfumes

Discontinued Foods from the 90s | List of Bygone 1990s Candy & Snacks (Page 5) I loved these things!!!!

90s Kid!

90s candy 2 Candy in the 90s was radical (30 Photos). I'm not a 90's baby but I had about every thing on the list.

I miss the 90s


Loved these!!

For all you '90s kids...: 90 Things We Miss Most from the '90s

Double Lollies - a favorite at the five n dime. These were 5 cents in my day.

Crazy nostalgia! 90s girl toys. I had so many of these. My childhood might have been awesome after all...

Crazy gumball eyes: | 50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood

who else loved this show as a kid? i miss the 90s.