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Dirty Dancing - Time of my Life (Final Dance) - High Quality.final dance after ceremony.

Village People - YMCA OFFICIAL Music Video 1978  (How can this video not put a smile on your face lol?)

Village People - YMCA OFFICIAL Music Video 1978 - Not a huge favorite. but fun to remember the Village People.

Dirty Dancing - Hungry Eyes - YouTube

Dirty Dancing - Hungry Eyes - first video pin - but love that you can be smart, without a turned up nose, and get the cool, really sexy guy.

"It will come to you, this love of the land. There's no gettin' away from it if you're Irish." Gerald O'Hara

The classic southern belle dress from when Vivien Leigh was playing a young innocent Scarlett. Throughout the movie she would undergo a complete transformation into a strong and determined woman.

"If I Could Turn Back Time" by Cher - an incredible comeback on her 20th album which is very impressive; apparently under the fishnet is supposed to be a "one-piece bathing suit" - I wonder if she ever wore it to the pool haha; the video was banned by many including MTV, although they later played it but only after 9 pm; they don't seem to censor as much anymore, unfortunately

▶ Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time (Official Music Video) === one of the worst videos simply due to her lack of undergarments and clothing. Also wondering how many of those guys are actually in the Navy?

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Movie Monday: Dirty Dancing Impatiently Waiting Paige #dirtydancing #fashion #patrickswayze

Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing - oh how she loved this man :) My very favorite movie. I am going to have them play Time of My Life at my funeral.

Hungry Eyes - Dirty Dancing (2/12) Movie CLIP (1987) HD. Best dance sequence besides that classic end...and what inspired me to wear half tanks all through the 90s

Eric Carmen (vocalist) - Hungry Eyes (actors: Jennifer Gray, Cynthia Rhodes, and Patrick Swayze) Scene from Dirty Dancing With this movie, I fell in love with Patrick: finally, a white man that could dance!