Tree Camping on the Pacific Coast, Elk, California, photo by Louie Psyoyos.

Tree Camping in Germany

Camping on the Beach`~ Bucket List

Amalfi Coast in Campania, Italy...take me there

Tahiti, French Polynesia.

bucket list fun.

Camping, Norway

Hey wanna come chill in my birds nest?

Tree Camping in Waldseilgarten, Germany

east coast love: i may get funny looks from all the Midwesterners I go to school with because I can't locate states on a map west of PA, but I was only taught the geography of the original 13 colonies in grammar school... Probably because we're where it's at =)

when i get married someday

Extreme camping gear.

Swimming with the Manatees, Florida .I might die...

bucket list

I probably wouldn't be able to fall asleep... But still. This is outstanding. Coastal tree camping, in #Elk, #California.

I have done this.. And will do it many times more. One of my favorite things to do:)

Cherry Blossom Avenue

The notebook <3

Camping stickers

20 Places To Go Camping Before You Die: EcoCamp In Torres del Paine - Patagonia, Chile | BuzzFeed - June 12, 2013