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  • Camber Lax

    This is TOO funny, someone has to put this above the copiers at school!!!

  • Misty Ross

    This printer is called Bob Marley because it's always jammin' #funny #office #lol

  • Erika Aguirre

    I definitely have a bob marley at the office!!! lol

  • Jennifer Barker

    ROFL this is going on the printer behind me. Right now is a picture of the Office Space scene when they beat the shit out of it with a bat

  • Azira Rivera

    I love it when office #humor meets #music humor! #Funny #BobMarley

  • Jessica Stratz

    work humor DUH

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Gettin real tired of your crap, Lenny.

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I knew a family that took funny photos of themselves and hid them all over the couples apartment while they were away on their honeymoon for them to find when they got home. There were also hold fish in all the sinks and tubs. I love funny stuff like this.

I have spoons from both of my grandparents house I think it would be neat to do their names and display them in the kitchen!!! now off to find a spoon rack or DIY directions on how to make one =)

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Maybe that's why the copier never listens to me. I definitely choose a different tone of voice than this suggests when I am trying to correct its behavior.

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Y por eso siempre le digo a michelle que los jueguitos son para niños y papá no puede subirse

This could be our printer at school. The first time it jams this year I may have to print this and post it!!!!