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Since when is killing the enemy an offense? and Killing your own 'young'n not too much? There is something really, REALLY WRONG in this picture.

#MarxistDemocrats 11 STEPS TO FASCISM... Remember, Democrats believe that only they have the right to free speech. Tell the truth till it hurts, then tell it some more. Speaking the truth every day is our only non-violent recourse. DO IT

"The people long for just two things, Bread and Circuses." -Juvenal

Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili, the man whom the world would come to know as Joseph Stalin

"Wake Up, America!" This is the song that inspired all America. Lyric by George Graff, Jr., Music by Jack Glogau. Chorus: Wake up, America, if we are called to war, Are we prepared to give our lives For our sweethearts and our wives? Are our mothers and our homes worth fighting for? A 1916 recording of "Wake Up, America!" is available on the Library of Congress's National Jukebox

Wake up America! We are the only ones with the power for REAL change. So stand up, turn off the TV, roll up your sleeves and let's get it done! THE REVOLUTION STARTS NOW!


We have no one to blame but ourselves. Messed up priorities

Wake up, and wake up your neighbors!!

Truth is truth. The worlds elite only want one thing: Complete & total control.