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Camping Packing :uxcell’ Spring Loaded 4 x 1.5V D Size Battery Holder Container w Slide Cover ** For more information, visit now

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A Chic, Portable iPhone Charger to Save the Day

A chic, portable Iphone charger has just been launched by Poweradd Pilot. It's a lightweight rose-gold body with dual usb ports and a incredible lifespan. It can even fit in your wallet! Berett L.

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HOW TO - Make a TicTac flashlight

Split upper/lower compartments. Top compartment contains 9V battery, magnesium fire starter, ferro rod w/striker, and steel wool (kept separated from the battery, obviously) Lower compartment contains matches, emery board strikers, cardboard pieces, dryer lint, cut ends from matches (to fit in the case), 3 smaller ferro rods, 2 mirrors, and pencil shavings. Two items not shown are a disposable cigarette lighter and a pencil sharpener.

⚽ #4: LE 2 Pack Outdoor LED Lantern Flashlights, 30 LEDs, Battery Powered, Water Resistant, Home Garden Portable Camping… #ad #Fitness

ArkPak 12V/240V Portable Power Pack. Just fit a 12v battery inside and presto...a quiet generator that will last for days. Charge using 80watt + solar panels and you have unlimited energy...great for bugging in!!

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Solar Powered Backpack Charger

Apart from water, the solar powered backpack charger is one accessory your don't want to be without when venturing into the wild. This compact and lightweight charger easily fits in any bag and provides enough juice to charge up to four different electronic devices.

HQRP 4-Pack Coin Battery for Garmin Vivofit Bluetooth Fitness Band 010-01225-08 HQRP Coaster * You can get additional details at the image link.

Goal Zero | Portable Solar Power; power all your devices with the sun while traveling or camping.