Old patterns as artwork. Love this for sewing room art! This is going to be a DEFINITE addition to my sewing room walls!!

Sewing pattern art - in memory of my grandma. Sewing pattern in frame - antique patterns. Easy craft project. Sewing/craft room art or decor.

Create gorgeous, fun wall art using vintage sewing pattern envelopes and old bed linen fabric...then encase them in thrift store picture frames! Super inexpensive and easy to make, perfect for a sewing or craft room...powder room...or even a child's bedroom! #SadieSeasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Learn how to read a sewing pattern with these easy steps. Each part is broken down into simple terms. Don't waste your time, your fabric or your patience by making a mistake with your pattern before you even start. They can be confusing when you start out, so make sure to start out right when using a sewing pattern! The Sewing Loft

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