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I will do this!

Throw a Dart at a Map and Travel to Wherever it Lands. What do I do if it lands in the middle of the ocean? Take a cruise!

canzine - Before I die

Have a Pajama Party - these were the majority of my birthday parties when I was a kid but it would be awesome to get together with my grown up friends now! by luz

wanderlust wanderlust wanderlust...

WANDERLUST- I've been wanting to make a pin map forever! I really like the map shown in this picture!

I may not do everything on here, but it'd be fun to check off all the things I DO want to do before I die :)

100 Things to do before I die "Bucket List" Live Your Life. Ya know, except the beard one. everything but beer and growing a beard lol

Bucket list I need to start taking more pictures with my hubby

bucket list: Create a memory box and open it years later. it could be filled with all sorts of things from pictures to ticket stubs and candy wrappers.

#324-Send a present to a soldier. Because they're away from their families during a holiday to keep us safe. The should get a present.

Send a present to a soldier.how sweet. I send my soldier boxes of goodies all the time!

travelling... by this great pinner: things-for-my-wall

Art Life Quotes - Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. life-is-a-travel

To do before I die: finish an entire coloring book #bucketlist #art

Finish an entire coloring book! I don't care if I'm to old for them I will color in them anyways

Soon with the kids

From an airplane, yes. I drive past it all the time when visiting my grandparents in Arizona. I would like to take a trip just to The Grand Canyon though.

Pull pranks together

sticky note a car? Sneak out of a wedding reception and sticky note the bride and groom's car!