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Except he's not fictional. He's just called an abusive sociopathic douchebag in real life.

I realized today that too many of my conversations start with, 'I saw this thing on Pinterest...'

Y por eso siempre le digo a michelle que los jueguitos son para niños y papá no puede subirse

how I feel on the 16th hour of that damn double shift they talked me into.

Funny Thanksgiving Ecard: This Thanksgiving I hope you're able to avoid the tragedy of the different foods on your plate touching one another.

Awww!!! Well we don't have snow but we do have hundreds of squirrels where I live. And they do beg like this too when their feeders are empty.

but I could be....Right now I feel like this is a completely valid point.

you can't give em high-fives or they'll do it too much and never learn to cuss elegantly.

Keep Calm and Carry On? No Thanks! I'd Rather Raise Hell & Change the World!