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How To: Haunted House Silhouettes

I had an opportunity to decorate a house for Halloween strict $100 budget... I realized that the paper blinds on all of the windows provided me the chance to turn the entire house into one oversized luminary by creating very large paper silhouettes on all of the windows.
  • Nancy Schokkenbroek

    DIY Haunted House Silhouettes. #Halloween #Silhouettes

  • Vicki Smith

    Cute Halloween idea! Cut out the design, tape it to window and pull the blinds

  • Colleen

    Halloween decoration idea

  • Heather Seely

    Haunted House Silhouettes - Cut out silhouettes to put in your windows. When night falls and the lights come on...the scares begin!

  • Tina Miller

    Halloween window silhouettes. The DIY kind.. Ohhh, I want to make some of these!

  • the pr mom

    Great Halloween house decoration

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