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What part of the plant do we eat? fold & learn

Tops & Bottoms book activity. Students cut out and color their interactive book, then choose which part of the plants are edible. What part of the plant do we eat? fold & learn great science activity to teach with the book: Tops & Bottoms

Plant week would be great. I like how this site has lesson plan ideas and the plant experiment idea. I would use all of the ideas on here.

Interactive Alphabet Notebook

This interactive alphabet notebook is perfect for teaching the alphabet to children. Children will make a craft for each letter, write their letters, and cut and paste different pictures that match the letter.

Plant Investigation Unit: All About Plants, Life Cycle and Needs

The kids loved watching bean seeds sprout. Put five beans in a ziploc bag with a folded wet paper towel. Taped them to the classroom window (with names written in permanent marker). Don't forget to read "Jack and the Beanstalk"

10 Educational Crafts for family fun

These 10 Educational Crafts are fun and perfect for learning. They'll love making these and you'll love seeing your kids learning! Have a look!

Oh my goodness...I am in LOVE with this experiment idea!!!!! I can't wait until Earth Day and our Lorax unit!!!! :-)