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One man's testimony of healing tinnitus through spiritual #healing #meditation.

The placebo effect works for animals too. Read about the placebo effect at #healing #nlp

Those that know me know "I'm ok" is just my way of keeping the pain inside. Living with daily pain is not an easy thing to do & it takes a strong person to live like the pain isn't there. ~ Audrey Siebert

People who are ill and still find joy live by this motto. That said, we also go through the entire grief process sometimes HUNDREDS of times. We may accept our life the way it is, but we also grieve the losses, look for ways we can fulfill our dreams.

Do you have people in your life who don't seem to believe that you are ill. Click through for advice on how to cope. #healing #cfsme

The placebo effect demonstates the body's amazing ability for self healing. Read more at #healing #nlp

These minerals are plant derived. 100% are absorbed into the body as opposed to 10 to 20% with the usual rock based minerals. I am a big fan! Huge! #minerals #alternativehealing