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I took a photo of this waterfall on a bus from Manta to Quito in Ecuador. Te Amo

One thing on my bucket list is to travel the world. I am very fortunate at such a young age, to have traveled to many places already. It’s fun to take in the different cultures. You learn so much more about yourself and the world!

We love our Local VW's! #beetle This is David Ross and his award winning patina VW

yellow bug - MINE. 1975. It went pfff pffffff, pffffff, pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!

someday I will have a car like this and I will drive to a place like this and I will just sit there

Some cars have such classic lines you don't have to see the whole thing to know what it is.

There are colors that stir the soul - yellow is that color for me - Chris Mott -

.Ours was Silver, she'd top a hill on the autobahn at 90+....she was a true jewel and 41 yrs later, we still miss her!

I would be so happy in this. I'd put a couple of little pink daisies in the flower holder... sigh...

i love old suitcases! and this one is my fav mint green! (or at least the photo makes it look so)