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Barracuda: tiny brained, scary looking, prehistoric fish that shadow reef divers off to the side. Be very sure you have NO shiny gear. this is said to provoke attacks from these lightning fast predators.

thelovelyseas:  hammerhead shark b&w by sea zoom on Flickr.

✯Black an White Hammerhead Shark Sharm El Sheikh Egypt Red Sea :: Javier Sandoval © License All rights reserved by Sea Zoom

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Are Sharks Mammals or Fish? That is the question that is probably most typically asked when talking about sharks. Given that sharks give birth to pups, as well as a few varieties lay eggs, the typical agreement is that sharks .

Calendario below novembre 2012  http://www.12scatti.org/come-aiutarci/below.html

Calendario below novembre 2012 http://www.12scatti.org/come-aiutarci/below.html

shark - baited drum lines along five locations in the Perth - — Bats_Rule!

Driven From Predator to Prey - Sharks Face Extinction | Earthjustice    Every year, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week concludes its program with a familiar saying: “Sharks have more reason to fear us than we have to fear them.”   Oceans  Cruel Taste For Sharks  After surviving 450 million years, sharks are being sipped into extinction by a worldwide taste for soup made from their fins. The fins are hacked off living sharks, killing them faster than they can reproduce.

Learn some of the imperative hammerhead shark facts for kids including hammerhead sharks diet, habitat, and species. The hammerhead sharks are the group of sharks that belong to the Sphyrnidae and are literally known for their flat-stretched heads.


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Bird's Aviary Provincial Capitol Complex Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur A dome-shaped steel structure for.

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