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  • Brandon LeBlanc

    Wow... Avengers Cologne. You can smell like the Hulk. That's got to just smell awful.

  • Melissa Powers

    Marve Avengers Cologne. Now your man can smell like a superhero.

  • Lucas

    Marvel Avengers Cologne Lets You Smell Like A Superhero - The UberReview

  • Mark Stratton

    Avengers Cologne! Now you can have the man in your life smell like sweaty, ungodly or robotic sooper-heroes!

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Anyone else notice how Captain risked himself to protect Black Widow? Or how when she used his shield as a boost, he just asked if she was sure. He was a gentleman and cared about her as a woman, but never doubted her abilities. I love that, and the fact that he is chivalrous.

Stan Lee - I'm Awesome Maybe. lol, finally a version of that song i'd listen to.

-Avengers: Iron Man -- by Matt Ferguson

Oh Tony. Way to have your priorities straight. Avengers x Hyperbole and a Half

Avenger babies prep for WAR!!! (Not sure if this is fan-made or a legit comic. Can anyone confirm?)

bbf006d390ac43333d8dd50febb488c9.jpg 400×615 pixels

Even Thor & Loki must look both ways before crossing the street. Safety first. ~ this is probably my favorite Avengers caption. :D

toomanyfunnies: Just havin’ fun :) The best cast in the world.

Marvel Avengers Cologne – Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Loki, Nick Fury Scents

aw, I might watch this movie before she goes and kills herself or someone else in the tmz.