Like just about every other self-respecting female under the age of DEAD, I find actor o' the moment Ryan Gosling to be more than a little bit attractive. He's a cutie, for sure. But my favorite thing about Ryan Gosling isn't his broody good looks,

Oh Ryan, you always know just what to say!!  The only way you could be more perfect is to offer to bring me a bowl of ice cream!! :)

Ryan Gosling ~ Hey Girl I was hoping to rub your shoulders while you pin.

RG slicking his hair back? I ain't even mad.

If you haven’t come across the Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl’ meme yet, then you need to get acquainted.

Mormon stuff worth pinning... #LDS #MormonLink #Mormon

Hey girl, Of course I don't mind folding and organizing all of your fabric. And when I'm done - let's go shopping for more.[ don't we love to dream]



@Jessika Westover, idk if you are a hunger games fan but I am ha ha

"Ryan Gosling: Hey girl, if they called your name, I'd volunteer as a tribute." Lol the girl behind him looks like she's sniffing Ryan

What Henley Shirt Was Ryan Gosling Wearing in His New Film "Drive"? | Undershirt Guy Blog

What Henley Shirt Was Ryan Gosling Wearing in His New Film “Drive”?

Hey Girl, Every day with you is like living the teenage dream with our skin tight jeans.